Ozark Gear Live Bait/Fish Aerator Bag

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Keep that trophy catch alive and well all weekend long!  The Ozark Gear Aerator Bag pumps in fresh oxygen to keep your bait or fish alive longer.  Featuring a rollback top for easy access, minnow scooping and cleanup.  Folds down for easy cleanup and storage.

  • Aerator - pumps in oxygen for live fish or bait.
  • Easy Access Top Hatch - easily drop your fish into the top hatch without the worry of others jumping out.
  • Rollback Lid - easily scoop minnows or gather fish.


**Aerator Upgrade**

For the first 300 customers - get an aerator upgrade:

  • Solar charging + USB rechargeable - can run almost non-stop
  • Dual valves - helps distribute oxygen better
  • Dual bubblers

Additional Details:

  • 19 Liter (5 gallon)- perfect for live bait
    • Size:  35.0*24.0*23.0cm/13.8*9.4*9.0in
  • 35 Liter (9.25 gallon)- perfect for live fish
    • Size:  50.0*29.0*26.0cm/19.7*11.4*10.2in
  • Bag Material: Flexible EVA