Spyderflex All-Terrain Fishing Chair

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The Spyderflex is the most versatile fishing chair ever made.  It goes places other chairs can't go and does things that other chairs can't do.  It allows you to sit evenly and comfortably on the most uneven, uncomfortable terrain including riverbanks, slopes, rocks, dirt or grass.  It grips tight and locks into place no matter the environment.

The Spyderflex Pro is packed with a variety of attachments and can be configured in more ways than can be counted.  It holds live bait, can hold multiple fishing poles, fishing nets, hooks and lures and even an umbrella to shade you from the blazing sun. 

  • Lightweight and Portable -  The Spyderflex breaks down for transport in seconds and can be carried for miles to you favorite fishing spot.
  • Tough and Durable - The Spyderflex was built to last.  It can handle the toughest terrains and can support up to 300 lbs.