Ozark Gear Svacuam Quick-Dry Shorts

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Our Ozark Gear Quick-Dry Shorts are as versatile as they are comfortable.  The ultimate outdoor shorts for everything from hiking to camping to fishing and more.

  • Quick Drying - Unlike others, our quick-dry shorts don't absorb and retain liquids.  Sweat, water and other liquids quickly evaporate leaving you nice and dry. 
  • Breathable - The OGC Quick-Dry Shorts allow cool, refreshing air to pass through allowing you to keep cool.  
  • Comfort and Fit - Elastic banding on the waist provides for a nice, snug fit.
  • Zippered Pockets - Four zippered pockets keep your phone, keys, credit cards and other valuables safe and secure.  Eliminates the worry of valuables falling out.  Six total pockets for maximum storage and carry.


Sizing Chart

***IMPORTANT*** - Our sizing is based on US sizing, waist by inseam inches (ex: 32x34 = 32 inch waist by 34 inch inseam) and may differ from your normal sizing.  For European and Asian customers, please measure the circumference of your waist and length of your inseam in centimeters and order in US sizing according to the chart below.  If you feel you may be in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

US Size Eur/Asia
30 10 76.2 25.4
32 10 81.3 25.4
34 11 86.4 27.9
36 11 91.4 27.9
38 12 96.5 30.5
40 12 101.6 30.5
42 12 106.7 30.5


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